CBD And Spirituality: Gateway Drug to Enlightenment?

The Plant with A Human Connection 

There are so many studies being done on marijuana and hemp these days it’s almost difficult not to hear something about the law or the substance being tested when it comes to marijuana. Let’s see if marijuana and CBD are as foreign as we think and if it can have a positive effect on spiritual practice. 


Your Connection to Cannabis 

You are built with something called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Our bodies have their own set of receptors, enzymes, and, endocannabinoids which are naturally produced. 

No matter what faith or religion you believe in, somehow, you came into being. So the fact that you have a system that is so complex, we know so little about it after years of research, tells you that THC and CBD are there to help us especially with calming our minds and reaching higher levels of awareness. Pun intended.


Christly Connection 

Christians seem to have a clash of opinions when it comes to the consumption of marijuana in all of its forms. One side of the fence says that if you view marijuana use in the same way you view wine use in the bible then you see that it’s recommended, almost, to be used recreationally and under self-moderation. 

The other side of the debate is that Christians are told to treat their bodies as temples. CBD and THC are seen as more a defilement of that cornerstone of Christian morality. The endocannabinoids in your system, that occur naturally, are a big sign that it’s probably okay if it’s needed. Like aspirin. Check with your priest before partaking, but, if humans were created in God’s image and we have this system inherently… 


Hinduism Is Bhang On 

Hinduism is roughly 7500 years old. Its roots can be traced through relics and chambers of treasures that are only now being revealed. Cannabis has been a part of their practices for ages. Not all Hindu practitioners partake of marijuana of course, but, in India, something called bhang is a staple of the religion. Shiva, god of destruction, was a fan of the plant. 

In the Atharva Veda, one of the four sacred Hindu texts, cannabis is said to be one of the five sacred plants. It is also referred to as “the liberator”. Bhang is an intoxicant made from the female cannabis plant that is no way recommended, endorsed or even legal. It is, however, the way Shiva would channel inner focus. 


Buddha And Buddha 

Buddhism has an interesting stance on marijuana. Most Buddhists treat it the same as they would alcohol. They aren’t against it, and they aren’t for it. That may sound confusing, but Buddhists don’t partake in it because they find it sinful or morally bad. It’s because, in the ever-infinite quest for purification of self, marijuana isn’t always the best for clarity.

 If you’ve ever gotten really high and tried to meditate, you’ll know results vary. You can either get super focused or super off focus and hey look, a butterfly!


Western Not So New Age 

Marijuana itself has been used for thousands of years everywhere for everything from the relief of anxiety and stress, pain relief, appetite stimulation, and numerous other ailments, not to mention entertainment purposes. 

A lot of western philosophies and religions are actually mishmashes of other religions combined into a condensed faith system. 

Yoga, for instance, is overemphasized for the benefits of weight loss instead of the many disciplines of yoga that make it for a whole person.  For someone using CBD wax from a rig to fight cancer, and doing yoga, might not even know they could gain more from the breathing and self-awareness aspects of yoga versus just a workout.  

The Mystic Arts

Witchcraft and pagan traditions are filled with indulging the spirit with, well, spirits and hallucinogenic plants and various “vapors” gathered in ways. For everyone from the Oracle of Delphi to skylark maypole dancers of druid festivals in Scotland, using various means to achieve lucidity and an ascended sense of being was customary. 

Every kind of root, herb, leaf, and, bark was turned into a powder, drank or set on fire and inhaled. Nothing was off-limits if it meant speaking with the gods. 

There’s nothing “new age” about using marijuana to stimulate the mind for spiritual exploration. It’s been done for thousands of years. What is new is the crowd trying out things like sweat lodges, salvia retreats, and meditation.


New Age, Old Crowd 

There is a huge movement of middle-aged and older people who are focused on things like tai chi and chakra alignment. They are also seeing if a routine including dosages of CBD and/or THC are viable for treatments of various ailments versus harsh chemicals and synthetic medicines. 


If Feeling Good Is Wrong…

To say that some faiths are okay with marijuana and some aren’t is a massive understatement. Some faiths encompass such a wide field of sub-sects that inner-religion debating is common under the same parent faith. There’s no real cut and dry answer for anyone. It really comes down to personal opinion and taste. 


Sacrilege or Sacrilegious

Whether you partake of “the Devil’s lettuce” or you think it’s a test from God, faith is faith. If you hit a super-concentrated dab session then talk with an apostle and feel better from it, that’s a great experience. If you smoke a blunt and decide to quit cigarettes, go to church every day and work out, what’s the harm? 

Marijuana doesn’t make anyone do anything. You don’t leave the church because you smoked a joint one time at a pep rally. Your rabbi isn’t a sham because you saw him vape after temple one time. We are all trying to find ourselves or find God(s) for the same reason we do or do not take CBD and/or THC. We want to feel inner peace, joy and a sense of soothing. We are all the same and faith should bring us closer to each other. Not drive us apart. CBD can just be a helping hand.