CBD Oil Gum – An Easy Way To Get Your Daily Dose!

Streamlining the administration of cannabidiol, or CBD, hasn’t been easy. Smoking devices, including vaping, doesn’t help someone with emphysema, nor does oils help those intolerable to its method of delivery. Growing in popularity is CBD chewing gum, a much easier method of delivering proper doses of cannabidiol.

By chewing gum, our mouth’s salivary glands deliver CBD to our bloodstream much more efficiently. Increased bioavailability means quicker relief for those using CBD for medicinal purposes. Oral absorption in this manner also decreases the likelihood of stained teeth, oral cancer or bad breath. In fact, as you’ll learn, various gum flavors can freshen breath while delivering optimal cannabidiol doses.

Let’s learn how CBD chewing gum will increase over time, and whether this product works for you.

How does CBD get infused into gum?

Medicinal chewing gum was brought into mainstream in 1924 under the name Aspergum. Designed to deliver aspirin more efficiently, it worked for numerous patients in need of an alternative means of getting pain medication. Because chewing gum has a water soluble base, repetitive chews will excrete water which, when mixed with one’s saliva and swallowed, becomes an optimal delivery method for medicines of all sorts.

Actual information about how CBD chewing gum is made, along with the manufacturing process, is proprietary information protected by lab scientists. The use of an emulsifier would be the best method to deliver CBD through chewing gum, however.

Several manufacturers have patented processes of compression to achieve the right mix of cannabidiol and various ingredients, discussed below.

How does one receive CBD through chewing gum?

As many CBD producers will tell you, bioavailability depends on the person. If saliva is constantly spit out instead of ingested, actual dosage received will decline; should one ingest every drop of saliva produced, the delivery is more cohesive.

By comparison, chewing gum ‘juices’ will enter one’s bloodstream faster than inhalation or drops. That’s because these methods must absorb through areas where they enter, whereas saliva is an immediate pathway to one’s bloodstream via the body’s gastrointestinal tract.

Capsules, another new method of CBD delivery, aren’t suited for individuals who cannot swallow. Capsules, like oils and inhalants, take longer to release into the human bloodstream.

For non-smokers and those apprehensive about taking cannabidiol in other forms, chewing gum is the easiest method to adapt to.

What ingredients go into making CBD chewing gum?

Each brand of CBD-based gum has its own proprietary mixture. However, common ingredients could include standard gum base, Maltitol, Vegetarian magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, Isomalt, natural flavors, Sorbitol, Xylitol, and Stevia. Some gums could contain trace amounts of hemp seed oil and sunflower oil.

Mint and other additives may be used to take away ‘bland’ tastes and freshen breath. Once you’ve purchased your first pack of CBD gum, read through the ingredients to familiarize yourself with what’s included.

Does any CBD product, including gum, have side effects?

Side effects are always imminent in any product containing chemicals. CBD oils, which essentially deliver the same amount of cannabidiol, can cause lightheadedness, give people dry mouth, and decrease blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

Some have reported liver enzymes may get inhibited from producing cytochrome P450 if mixed with other pharmaceuticals. However, the amount of actual liver damage likens to eating a full grapefruit.

The most serious side effect is increased tremors in Parkinson’s patients. No known deaths from CBD oils have been reported to date, although vaping or ingesting bad batches of cannabidiol is always possible.

What benefits come with CBD gums?

Cannabidiol has numerous benefits itself; when delivered in gum format, expect:

  • Potential for fresh breath and clean gums;
  • Lower anxiety;
  • Faster delivery to bloodstream, which increases effectiveness;
  • May relax you;
  • Natural ingredients mean it’s safe for human consumption;
  • Could slowly eliminate the presence of acne;
  • It may reduce cancer symptoms.

There have also been reports that CBD-infused products have neuroprotective properties. Remember, each person may experience benefits others may not. These are just popular ones we found through various channels as reported by manufacturers and their customers.

What else should I know about CBD-based gum?

If you’re looking for an immediate pain relief solution, gum might not be the best choice. Gums and other low-dose cannabidiol delivery systems are meant to accumulate in our bodies; over time, the drug is released as needed to give the same healing power as inhalation methods or drops.

Also, the FDA approves no statements made by companies producing chewing gums. Any results one achieves should be shared with friends, family and those with similar ailments so a deeper understanding of CBD chewing gums is achieved.

You’re encouraged to discuss CBD products with those who frequently use them, the manufacturers themselves or professionals who sell these products.

Who are the major players producing CBD gum?

Many cannabis producers have turned to CBD products to add to their income stream. Searching Google, three main players come up frequently:

  • Endoca. Based out of Hoofddorp, Netherlands, this company produces an incredible CBD chewing gum at affordable prices. Specific dosages vary. They do have a USA office (San Diego), too.
  • MedCBD. Produced by Mastix LTD in Maryland, this company touts their chewing gum is great for pain management, although we’ve not evaluated that statement. The company has another office in Northern Ireland.
  • CanChew Gums: The most expensive product we found was from CanChew, a New Jersey company producing this gum backed by Dr. Oz. CanChew Biotechnologies LLC has limited information, although we’re convinced their prices mean its good stuff.

Final Thoughts

As the newest method of receiving cannabidiol, CBD chewing gum will only evolve. Bioavailability must improve from its current 6% rate to be an effective product for those wanting to graduate from inhaling.

Because there are numerous ingredients and options available, it’s best to consult with your doctor prior to trying any CBD product. Those with history of seizures or pregnant should never take CBD products without doctor supervision.

CBD chewing gum offers an easy method of delivery, so try some today! If you’d like to check out other best cbd oil on the market products then check out our other guide.