Does CBD Work Well For Brain Fog?

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Does CBD Work Well For Brain Fog?

There’s no doubt that 21st-century living is busy. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, things can get hectic, and that can cause some serious stress.

For some of us, this can result in some pretty bad mental conditions. Experiencing brain fog caused by all of the to-do lists, never-ending and overlapping thought trains, as well as high social expectations, is not uncommon and affects more people than you may realize.

Many medications and medical conditions can also cause brain fog, making day to day life far more confusing and stressful than it needs to be.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a compound also known as ‘cannabidiol’ which is part of a classification of 104 extracts from the Cannabis Sativa family, known as cannabinoids. CBD is now relatively common in health shops and specialized shops and can be bought in many forms ranging from oils to creams.

What is Brain Fog?

‘Brain Fog’ is the common term for any minor impairment to cognitive function. There are many reasons why we experience this, such as medical conditions, side effects of medicine, as well as day to day stress and fatigue.

Symptoms of brain fog can include; irritability, anxiety, depression, poor memory, low motivation, difficulty focusing and planning, and insomnia.

How can CBD Help With Brain Fog?

1) Neuroprotection

Brain fog can be caused by many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. CBD has been shown to improve cognitive function, as well as help to repair damaged brain cells.

2) Anxiety and Depression

One of the biggest struggles people with anxiety and depression face is thinking clearly.

The brains of those who are anxious and depressed are often full of intrusive thoughts and worries, most of which fire off in a person’s head all at the exact same time.

CBD is known to help relax as well as improve mood, allowing those with anxiety and/or depression to think more clearly.

3) Insomnia/Fatigue

If you’re not getting enough sleep then your brain is not able to have enough time to rest and repair, leading to brain fog caused by fatigue.

CBD is great for helping people relax and decompress, which is extremely important if you find you are feeling tired and worn out.

A lot of people assume that if you are feeling tired that you will be able to sleep with no problems.

Unfortunately, if you are suffering from insomnia, it is nearly impossible to fall asleep, as your mind is racing thinking about things and often worrying about the future.

CBD can work wonders for those who are unable to let go of the stress from the day. Many insomnia sufferers find it helps them fall into a peaceful sleep.

Trying CBD

If you’re suffering from brain fog and you are looking to find a CBD based solution then you are in luck!

Sensei CBD offers a wide range of effective solutions perfect for every lifestyle.

From CBD based oils and creams to gummies and vape liquids, and even products for your pooch, Sensei is your one-stop shop for CBD products!

For the most immediate relief from brain fog, we recommend the CBD full spectrum tinctures, or vape oils. If you prefer, CBD pills and capsules are a great alternative.

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