Austin CBD Hemp Oil Guide

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Austin CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Buying CBD oil in Austin may seem a bit confusing at first. However, the facts are pretty clear if you choose to buy hemp-based CBD oil. You can use this for a wide variety of medical ailments, and you should discuss its use with your doctor. It’s entirely legal to buy, and it’s also easy to buy online. In fact, buying hemp cannabidiol is simply a matter of clicking here.

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Facts about CBD Oil in Austin

So why buy CBD oil? Research studies have indicated that CBD oil can help alleviate or treat a very long list of medical conditions. It is this medicinal use that has fueled its increasing popularity.

It is certainly not its propensity to get you high, because CBD oil doesn’t. CBD oil refers to cannabidiol, which is a type of chemical compound called a cannabinoid. It can be extracted from cannabis sativa or marijuana. Cannabidiol or CBD oil doesn’t get you high.

What gets people high when consuming marijuana is another cannabinoid called THC. This THC is simply different from cannabidiol. THC is a psychoactive agent, while CBD oil isn’t.

Admittedly, CBD oil can be extracted as full spectrum CBD. This type of CBD contains small amounts of the other cannabinoids in marijuana, and that includes THC. However, in CBD oil the level of THC is virtually undetectable at 0.3%. People cannot sue full spectrum CBD to get high.

CBD oil can also be extracted as an isolate. This means it is pure cannabidiol, and it doesn’t contain even a hint of other cannabinoids such as THC. For those who are still worried about the THC content in the full spectrum CBD, this form is much safer.

But the safest of them all in terms of THC content is hemp oil. That’s because it is extracted from cannabis sativa that only contains 0.3% THC to begin with. This level of THC classifies the source as not marijuana.

Is It Legal?

The problem with the scientific facts regarding CBD oil is that political considerations can masquerade as the truth. While Austin itself is a hotbed of liberalism, the state of Texas is widely known for its conservatism.

It will take a very long while (if ever) for the state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. In fact, it is only in 2018 that the state allowed the first ever legal medical marijuana in the state. Even this store is only allowed to sell low-THC level cannabis oil that won’t get people high.

To buy even this type of cannabis oil in Austin, you first have to obtain a prescription from one of the 17 state-approved doctors spread out over all of Texas. After that, you still need to get the approval of a second doctor.

You can avoid jumping though all these procedural hoops if you simply decide to buy hemp-based CBD oil instead. Under federal law, you can buy this legally without prescription as long as you’re an adult. You can be anywhere in the US to buy this, and that includes Texas.

So to wrap up, you only have a single option and numerous procedural rigmaroles to go through if you decide to buy low-THC cannabis oil. You can avoid all that trouble if you go online and buy hemp CBD oil. It’s perfectly safe, and completely legal.

Where to Buy CBD – Stores in Austin TX

Compassionate Cultivation, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Texas, is located southwest of Austin. But you do have other options if you live in Austin.

  • One of them is Vapor, which is located at S Lamar Blvd.
  • Austin Vape and Smoke has 3 locations. One is at 1601 South 1st St. while the other is at 4200 S 1st St, Austin.
  • The final Austin Vape and Smoke location is at 4256 West Gate Blvd.

Of course, you can just avoid all the trouble of going to these stores by going online. You get more options and varieties for hemp CBD oil, and you may even read reviews. You avoid the hassle of looking for a store and getting caught in traffic.


Austin residents have the option of buying hemp CBD oil just by going online. It’s more convenient, and it is certainly perfectly legal. Juts discuss the matter with your doctor first so you can make sure that your use of oil won’t interfere with your other medications.

CBD Oil Tincture – Full SpectrumPrice $130.00Sale price $99.00Get Austin CBD Oil

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