Brighton CBD Oil Guide

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Brighton CBD Oil Guide

The CBD oil Brighton residents may have been looking for is finally much easier to find these days, thanks to increased availability in more stores and web shops. Numerous studies have revealed how CBD oil can help alleviate many types of ailments, as it is one of the most helpful compounds in medicinal marijuana. What makes CBD oil more acceptable for the UK market is that it doesn’t have to come from marijuana at all.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oil has been hailed as a helpful treatment solution for many types of medical ailments and symptoms. These include serious medical conditions such as cancer and heart ailments. It’s also used for joint and muscle pain, anxiety and depression, and headaches and migraines. Some pet owners of old dogs in pain even give it to their pets.

The CBD on CBD oil stands for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid or chemical compound found in cannabis sativa or marijuana. This is just one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the plant, and it is distinct from the cannabinoid THC. The THC is the compound that causes users to feel “high”, while CBD doesn’t act as a psychoactive agent.

It can, however, contain trace amounts of THC. That’s especially true in full spectrum CBD derived from cannabis. Although the trace amounts of THC is reduced to no more than 0.3% THC, this may still exceed the legal limit of 0.2% THC.

In CBD isolate form, however, the THC content is much lower. As the term “isolate” implies, this type of CBD doesn’t get trace amounts of the other cannabinoids.

Some people may still be wary of its origins as a marijuana-derived product. As such, it can only be used with a medical prescription in the UK. But the alternative exists with CBD oil derived from hemp instead. Hemp and marijuana are related plants, as hemp is known as hemp sativa while marijuana is cannabis sativa.

But while they both have CBD, hemp contains only 0.3% THC to start with. This makes any extracts from hemp virtually clean of any amount of THC. It’s certainly that it won’t exceed the 0.2% THC limit. It is this THC that is sold openly in many health stores in Brighton and the rest of the UK.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

In recent years, marijuana has become much more acceptable in many parts of the world. Many areas have allowed for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and its purported dangers have been shown to be overblown that in Canada and the US, it’s even legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

The UK does not allow for recreational marijuana, however. It’s still banned in the UK, and over-the-counter products are forbidden to exceed the 0.2% THC limit. It is true that medicinal marijuana has been finally approved in the UK starting November of 2018, but no CBD oil has yet been licensed to sell as medicine.

However, CBD oil is expressly legal in the UK if it does not exceed the THC limit. In addition, it cannot advertise itself as a medicinal product. Instead, the manufacturer has to offer the CBD oil only as a food supplement.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Brighton

While Brighton residents can just find web shops that sell CBD oil, you may also find CBD oil available in Holland & Barrett health store locations. The availability of CBD oil in Holland & Barrett has propelled CBD oil sales. It has doubled since these have shown up in the Holland & Barret shelves.

You can find CBD oil in the Holland & Barrett stores in these locations:

  • Churchill Square Shopping Centre, North St, Brighton BN1 1RH
  • Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Regency Rd, Brighton BN1 2TD
  • 105 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF

Of course, if you want to make it easier on yourself you can just order online and have it delivered. There are no extra charges for delivery, so you can relax at home instead of wasting time, energy, and fuel on a shopping trip for CBD oil.


Brighton residents can now enjoy CBD oil, and they can see for themselves how their health can improve with these supplements. Just order CBD oil online, and it will be delivered promptly to your doorstep.


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