Denver CBD Oil Guide

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Denver CBD Oil Guide

The CBD oil Denver denizens can buy is just one of the forms of marijuana that the people in the state can enjoy without any real legal hassles. That’s because in the state of Colorado, the use of marijuana isn’t limited to medical treatments. It’s legal to smoke marijuana recreationally in Colorado as long as you’re over 21 years old.

If the thought of consuming marijuana still makes you uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t freely obtain the benefits of CBD oil. In fact, CBD oil doesn’t have to come from marijuana. It can come from hemp instead, and that makes it entirely legal. You can even just cut to the chase and order it online by clicking here.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

If you’re worried about the psychoactive effects of marijuana coming into play when you consume CBD oil, you shouldn’t be. CBD refers to cannabidiol, which offers therapeutic benefits without that “high” feeling you’re worried about. CBD isn’t THC, which is the chemical compound or cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant that makes you feel high.

Some are worried about full spectrum CBD, which is a type of extract from the cannabis plant that also contains small amounts of the other cannabinoid found in marijuana. While it does contain a small amount of THC, the level is so trivial that there are no psychoactive effects at all. The THC content is at a mere 0.3%.

If even that inconsequential amount worries you, then you can opt for CBD isolate. This is CBD oil that doesn’t have any other trace amounts of the other cannabinoids. So it has zero THC, and therefore there are zero chances of getting you high.

Still, some people are still worried about the fact that these types of CBD oil comes from cannabis sativa. That’s still marijuana, which federal law regards as illegal. If you have objections to marijuana-derived CBD, you can just simply opt for CBD oil extracted from hemp.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

If the CBD oil comes from hemp, then there’s no question about its legality. It’s absolutely legal, whether you base it on federal, state, or local laws. To minimize any confusion about the issue, the federal government even enacted a 2018 law stating expressly that hemp-derived CBD oil is absolutely legal on US soil. Aside from age restrictions (set by businesses and not by law), there are no legal limitations regarding hemp-derived CBD oil.

It’s a different matter with marijuana-derived CBD oil. This is a form of medical marijuana, which you can buy with a medical marijuana card. But there are procedures to follow to be eligible for a medical marijuana card, and doctors will have to be consulted as well.

There’s also the pesky matter of US federal law, which bans the sale and use of marijuana even for medical purposes. It’s theoretically possible that you can be arrested for marijuana-derived CBD oil use, though in reality this is highly unlikely. But the threat persists which is why using credit cards for medical marijuana is very rare.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Denver

Denver has several shops that offer CBD oil, so you can just visit any of them if you’re up to it. Your options include:

  • Denver Electronic Cigarettes on E Kentucky Ave
  • Headed West on S Colorado Blvd
  • iPuff Vape on N Downing St
  • Meadowlark on Larimer St
  • Payless Tobacco and Gifts on Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada
  • Positive Vibe & Gifts Shop on S Broadway, Englewood
  • Rigs 4 Us on E Colfax Ave


The question is why you’d even bother to go out in the first place. Why not have the hemp delivered to your home instead? When you opt for hemp-derived CBD oil, you can just order online as there’s no need for medical marijuana card.

By ordering online for a delivery, you don’t have to bother with traffic and find a parking space. You can relax in your own home without expending effort, time, and fuel. The delivery is free, so all you need to do is to pay for the CBD oil. If it’s derived from hemp, it’s most likely even more affordable. So just order it only and save yourself the trouble.


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