Hawaii CBD Hemp Oil Guide

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Hawaii CBD Hemp Oil Guide

The CBD oil Hawaii shops offer continues to be popular, and that’s particularly true for the CBD oil derived from hemp. You can shops that sell CBD oil all over the state. If you’re in a particular hurry, you can even just use our link here and you can order it online. The delivery service is free and you’ll get your supply promptly.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

The fact that CBD oil can be derived from marijuana can make the entire subject of CBD oil somewhat confusing for some people. That’s because the state only allow for marijuana use for very particular medical conditions, and the recreational use of marijuana isn’t allowed in the state.

CBD is a cannabinoid known as cannabidiol. A cannabinoid is a chemical compound found in cannabis, and another well-known cannabinoid is THC. This THC is the chemical compound responsible for making you feel high when you consume marijuana.

CBD oil can be extracted from marijuana in full spectrum form, which means that it contains trace amounts of other chemical compounds in cannabis. There’s no risk of getting high, however, because the trace amounts of THC is less than 0.3%. That’s not enough to get you high.

The negligible presence of THC in full spectrum CBD may still be enough to make you feel wary, but you can opt for the CBD isolate form instead. This time, the extract is derived more carefully so that it’s pure CBD with no trace amounts of THC at all.

If it is CBD oil from marijuana, however, then it still falls within the category of marijuana products. To get around the restrictions for marijuana use, you can instead get CBD oil derived from hemp. Hemp is classified differently than marijuana, as it already contains less than 0.3% THC. The CBD extract you get from hemp doesn’t have THC at all.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

The answer to this question if you’re a Hawaiian resident can be somewhat complicated. This is especially as pertaining to marijuana-derived CBD oil. That kind of CBD oil can only be used for various debilitating conditions, and the doctor must believe that the benefits of the CBD oil outweigh any medical risks.

This means you need a medical marijuana card as well as a medical prescription, and these will only be granted when you have one of the ailments specifically listed to benefit from CBD oil.

The law is quite different when you have hemp CBD oil. This time, it’s completely legal in all the states. This was explicitly emphasized by the 2018 federal law that specifies hemp CBD as entirely legal in the country.

So you can buy CBD oil derived from hemp for any condition (including headaches and acne) you may have. You don’t even need a medical prescription.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Hawaii

CBD oil, especially the hemp-derived variety, is easy enough to procure in Hawaii.

  • In Honolulu, the shops from which you can get CBD oil include Waiola Vapor Store, CBD In Hawaii, Oahu CBD, Aloha Green Apothecary, Brahddah’s Smoke Shop, Smokey’s, Natural Mystic, Choke Smoke, 2Higuys, and Mr. Hemp CBD.
  • In Kailua, you have Hawaiian Holy Smokes, Sub Ohm Vapes LLC, and Black Lava Vape
  • In Kapolei, there’s Ka Makana Ali’I and also Fly Hi Hawaii.
  • If you’re in Pearl City, you can head on out to Smokeless Hawaii Enterprises.
  • If you’re in Hilo, you can go to Hale Hookah.
  • If you’re in Lahaina, visit Maui Hemp Spa.
  • Aiea residents can go to the Down to Earth organic and Natural Shop.

But instead of driving around trying to find these shops, you can just order the hemp CBD oil online instead. Then the delivery service can find your home while you relax and wait, and the delivery service is even free of charge. No traffic, no trying to find parking spaces, and no waste of time, effort, and fuel.


CBD oil can be bought online easily in Hawaii, and then you can use it for various ailments. It can be used for headaches, migraines, anxiety, pain relief, and even acne. Some pet owners even buy it for their sick elderly pet dogs. Avoid the legal hassles and just get the hemp CBD oil online, and you’re good to go.


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