Minnesota CBD Oil Guide

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Minnesota CBD Oil Guide

If you’re looking for medical marijuana in Minnesota, you better be ready for some hurdles to overcome. It’s not easy to find doctors who are willing to prescribe it and the shops selling the medical marijuana aren’t easy to find either. Even if you find the right doctor and dispensary, you may still find the prices unaffordable. It’s for these reasons that many are option to get CBD oil in Minnesota for their medical conditions.

It’s much easier to obtain CBD oil if you’re in Minnesota. In fact, you can just click here and you can have it delivered to your door. There aren’t even any delivery charges.

Facts About CBD Hemp Oil

To understand the importance of CBD oil, you first need a short primer on medical marijuana. For years marijuana has been considered an illegal drug, but in the last few decades too much evidence piled up regarding how it can help treat and alleviate numerous medical ailments. Medical marijuana can come in the form of CBD oil, which is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid or chemical compound in the cannabis sativa. CBD is a different chemical compound from THC, which is the cannabinoid that makes marijuana users feel high. But that’s not what CBD is all about.

Now CBD oil can be in full spectrum form, which means that the extract from the cannabis also contains tiny amounts of the other cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa. Some people find this worrisome, as this therefore means that this extract contains THC. However, the fact is that the amount of THC in full spectrum CBD is too insignificant to cause users to feel high. It’s only 0.3% THC.

But some people prefer to be on the safe side, which is why there’s also CBD isolate. As the name implies, this is isolated CBD so it’s pure with no THC at all. This form of CBD extract from cannabis sativa cannot cause any hallucinogenic aftereffects.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil from cannabis is legal for some medical conditions in Minnesota. The murky issue here is that the federal law still regards marijuana as illegal, and CBD oil is a marijuana product.

The good news is that CBD oil doesn’t have to come from cannabis sativa. It can instead come from hemp, which historically has been legal to use throughout the years. In fact, to dispel any possible misconceptions about the legality of hemp, a federal law was passed in 2018 explicitly affirming that CBD oil derived from hemp is absolutely legal in every state of the US. It can even be bought without a medical marijuana card or a medical prescription from a doctor. All you need is proof of age and you can just buy the CBD oil over the counter. In some places, even this proof of age isn’t needed.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Minnesota

There are several options if you want to buy CBD oil in the state of Minnesota. Of course, it all depends on the city you live in.


As the largest city in it state, Minneapolis does have its share of shops that offer CBD oil. These include:

  • Hampshire Labs on Park Glen Rd
  • The Green Machine on Nicollet Ave
  • The Seward Community Co-op on E Franklin Ave
  • The Wedge on Lyndale Ave S

St. Cloud:

Here you can find CBD oil in:

  • Mr. Nice Guys on 2nd St S
  • CBD of St. Cloud on W Division St

Other Shops in the State:

  • Sadi’s Smoke Shop Duluth Vapor in Duluth
  • CBD Oil Products CTFO Associate John Seidl in Farmington


You can save yourself the trouble of having to go out to buy hemp-derived CBD oil simply by ordering online. This lets you relax in your own home while the CBD oil is discreetly delivered to your front door.

This approach saves you energy, and it also avoids the risk of misunderstanding when you’re stopped by police officers while driving and they notice the CBD oil. They may mistake it for marijuana-derived CBD oil which will require you to produce a medical marijuana card and a prescription.

With hemp-derived CBD oil online, there’s no such legal risk as it’s entirely legal, and there’s no traffic too!


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