NYC CBD Oil Guide

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NYC CBD Oil Guide

Many New Yorkers, especially those in NYC, think that the place is the center of the world. It’s certainly a place where people can get information very quickly, which is why there’s a lot of demand in the state for the CBD oil New York residents can use to treat various medical conditions and symptoms. However, if you’re a resident of New York (state or city), you can just stop wasting time and click here to order online.

Facts about CBD Oil NYC

Of course, even in New York there may be some confusion regarding CBD oil and the legal status of marijuana in the state. Let’s clarify these issues once and for all.

Cannabis CBD oil comes from cannabis sativa, which is also where marijuana comes from. CBD oil is actually another name for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound called a cannabinoid that’s found in cannabis sativa.

Some people mistake CBD oil with THC, which is also a cannabinoid found in cannabis. This THC is a different kind of cannabinoid from CBD oil. THC is a psychoactive agent which makes people feel “high” when they consume marijuana. CBD oil, on the other hand, does not have any psychoactive properties.

CBD oil in full spectrum form does contain THC and that’s because there trace amounts of all the other cannabinoids in the full spectrum CBD oil extract. This means it also contains THC, but practically speaking the THC amount (which is 0.3% concentration) isn’t enough for anyone to feel high.

Another form of CBD oil is CBD isolate. Now this is the pure form of CBD oil, because now it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids in the extract. It has zero THC, so it certainly cannot make you feel high.

Some people are still bothered by the fact that cannabis CBD oil comes from cannabis, which has a high THC content to begin with. However, there is another alternative and that’s hemp CBD oil. Hemp is different from marijuana because hemp only has 0.3% THC to begin with. It’s not considered marijuana at all.

Is It Legal?

If you’re talking about hemp CBD oil, then it is absolutely legal. You can buy it over the counter at any health food store, head shop, or dispensary that openly sells these items. What you need to remember is that hemp is widely used product in numerous industries, and it is legal to use it anywhere.

In fact, federal law was enacted in 2018 to confirm that hemp-derived products, and specifically hemp CBD oil products, are all legal to use.

If you wish to take cannabis CBD oil, you still can in New York. You just need a medical marijuana patient card first, so that you can then buy the cannabis CBD oil from any dispensary in the state.

Without that medical marijuana card, things can get a little chancy. If a police officer catches you with cannabis CBD oil and you don’t have a medical marijuana card, they may choose to arrest you. A first offense will cost you a $100 fine. The 2nd offense will set you back by about $250. A third arrest for the same charge will cost you $500 or a 15-day stint in jail, because you just can’t seem to understand that there’s no need for you to be arrested at all if you buy online.

Buy the hemp CBD oil online, and everything’s legal. It’s that simple. You also don’t take the risk of having a police officer catch you with hemp CBD oil and they mistake it as a type of medical marijuana.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in New York

There’s an old joke about how you can buy anything in New York, and especially New York City. It is true that you can buy CBD oil easily enough in this state and in NYC in particular.

  • In NYC, you can go to the Cloud99 Vapes in the Lower East Side or visit the East Village Smoke Shop in East Village.
  • If you’re in Brooklyn, head on out to Williamsburg where you can get CBD oil from the Craft Beer & Smoke Shop and from Graham Vape and Cigar. You can also try prospect Heights where you can find the Brooklyn Smoke Shop.
  • In Yonkers, there’s Etain.
  • In White Plains, you can try Vireo Health.

If you’re a typical New Yorker, you probably don’t want to waste time and effort when you can just buy CBD oil online and be done with it.


There really is no trouble when it comes to obtaining CBD oil in New York. The easiest way that’s also completely legal is to go online and buy hemp CBD oil. That way, you get to treat your medical condition with worrying about legalities and safety.


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