Tampa CBD Hemp Oil Guide

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Tampa CBD Hemp Oil Guide

The CBD oil Tampa residents are looking for aren’t really hard to find. Actually, if you’re looking for CBD online, you’ve actually find it. Just click on this link here and you’re all set. You can order online and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep. There aren’t even any charges for the delivery service.

CBD Oil can be used for a variety of medical ailments and symptoms. It’s often used to alleviate pain, and it’s so safe to use that pet owners even provide it for their elderly dogs. It’s absolutely legal as well.

Facts about CBD Oil

There have been a few controversies about CBD oil in some circles because some people aren’t aware of the facts regarding the supplement. So let’s clarify a few issues first.

It’s true that traditionally CBD oil has been extracted from marijuana (cannabis sativa). CBD is the short name of cannabidiol, which is the chemical compound or cannabinoid that’s extracted. But this is different from THC, which is another cannabinoid in marijuana. It’s THC that makes you feel high when you consumer cannabis.

When you get the CBD oil in full spectrum form, this means that it has tiny amounts of the other cannabinoids in marijuana. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that it means it also contains THC. That’s because the THC level is so low at 0.3% that there’s no chance that you’ll feel high with full spectrum CBD oil.

Still, if that doesn’t assuage your worries then you can instead opt for CBD isolate. This is the form that’s purely CBD, with no THC content at all.

However, there’s still the undeniable fact that this is derived from marijuana, which can be upsetting for people determined to obey the federal law that bans marijuana use. And this is where hemp-derived CBD oil comes in. The CBD oil from hemp offers the same benefits, with the bonus advantage of not having any THC content. Hemp is also different from marijuana.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

If it is derived from hemp, then it is absolutely legal in all 50 states. Even the federal government passed a law explicitly saying that hemp-derived CBD oil is absolutely legal. Some businesses may sell only to adults, and require you to show proof of age, but that’s the only restriction.

It’s a different matter if it is marijuana-derived CBD oil. To obtain this, you’ll need to apply for a medical marijuana card, and you will have to go for a physical evaluation first. The visits to the doctor’s clinic will cost you $200 each time, and you may need to visit twice before you’re granted your medical marijuana card. Them you still have to pay for the CBL oil, which can be expensive if it comes from cannabis sativa.

Don’t forget that CBD oil from marijuana is still illegal under federal law. While the federal government isn’t assiduously executing arrests warrants for violations of this law in the meantime, it doesn’t mean that it’s now legal. You may still be charged by a federal law enforcement agency if you’re caught with any marijuana product.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Tampa

There are some places you can drive to so you can get your CBD oil. Just don’t forget your ID, and come to:

  • The Smoke Bodega on Sheldon Road
  • Best Smoke on Macdill Avenue
  • Hot Wax Glass Ybor on E 7th Avenue

Of course, you can just make it a lot easier on yourself simply by ordering online. If you’re in pain, then you can recuperate at home while you wait to have it delivered to your door step. You won’t have to expend energy and fuel to drive to the shop, you can do more with your time, or you can simply rest and relax. You don’t even have to pay extra for the delivery service, as it’s free.


If you do your research, you may find how CBD oil can help for so many ailments. It’s one of the main compounds that make medical marijuana so popular. But if you’re not comfortable with the thought if using marijuana, then hemp-derived CBD oil shouldn’t be a problem. It’s legal and there’s no need for a medical marijuana card, and it’s simply easy to get online.


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