What Is The Strongest CBD Oil You Can Buy?

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What Is The Strongest CBD Oil You Can Buy?

If you’re looking to get the most potent CBD oil, or the strongest CBD oil that can provide serious relief, then you’ve come to the right place. After massive demand, we at Sensei CBD have formulated a super strong 5000mg full spectrum dose. Click through to see more info, or keep reading to find out more about this type of mega-dose CBD.

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As with any kind of medication that you can take, there are different strength dosages to CBD oils. CBD oils are oils which contain the chemical compound cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, which is one of the main compounds to be found in marijuana. THC is the other most commonly known compound found in marijuana, and is the compound which causes the feeling of being high or “stoned.” You can check out a range of thc free cbd oils here.

CBD does not cause this psychoactive feeling, but it does have some medicinal value, and can be used to treat pain, anxiety, nausea, and even seizures, without some of the more unpleasant side effects of traditional medications. If you are interested in using CBD oils to treat any of these ailments, or even as a daily supplement, it is important to know how strong of a dosage that you’re taking, so that you get the full effect of the oils, without taking too much for your body. Below are some of the strongest cbd oils on the market listed from strongest to least strong.

First Off, How Do You Determine the Strength of CBD?

If you are comparing various cannabidiol products against one another, and you want to know which one will provide you with the most strength, you need to look at a couple of numbers.

First, you should look at the concentration of cannabidiol in the product as a whole and where the CBD seeds come from. Then, take a look at the number for the concentration of cannabidiol in a serving of the oil. The label of a high quality product should state all of this clearly so you will know exactly what you are taking, and how much you need to take to ease your symptoms or promote wellness.

Of course, the concentration of CBD in a serving will be smaller than the concentration of the cannabidiol in the entire product. So, you might find that the concentration in a serving is a few milligrams, as an example, while the bottle states that it contains hundreds of milligrams of CBD total.

You can even do some math to figure out the strength of a CBD oil per serving if it does not say what it is on the label. So, for example, if you have a bottle of cannabidiol oil and the total concentration is 300 mg, take a look at the total number of servings that are in the bottle. This should be on the label. Let’s say that the total number of servings is 30. You would then divide 300 mg by 30 servings to get 10 mg, which is the amount of cannabidiol that you will get per serving.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means you really need to look at the concentration of CBD in a serving in order to determine a particular product’s potency, particularly if you are searching for the strongest CBD that you can find. A bottle that contains 1000 mg total might actually give you the same concentration of CBD as a bottle containing 500 mg because it all depends on the number of servings per bottle and how those milligrams in the total concentration are distributed. Make sense? Great!

List of Highest Potency Strong CBD Oils

What is Considered To Be Strong CBD Oil

Before we get too in depth with actual dosages and milligrams, it is important to remember that every person is different, and every person’s body will react differently to different drugs. Smaller people and children will not require as high of a dose as larger, fully grown people. Also, just as some people struggle with more or less severe cases of specific ailments, so too do people have higher or lower tolerances for CBD oils and other drugs.

An adult with a mild case of anxiety might take a lower dose of CBD oils than a child with a particularly severe case of anxiety. A person with anxiety might need a smaller dose of CBD than a person who is using CBD to treat their chronic pain. It all depends on what you’re using the oils for and how they react with your body, or even how they react with other medications that you may or may not be taking.

Usually, the highest potency CBD oils you can get are around 4000 mgs. This doesn’t mean you would take 4000 mgs all at once, of course. This is the amount of milligrams per 30 milliliter bottle of CBD oil tincture. That would allow for about 66.6 mgs of CBD per dropper dose of oil, which would definitely offer quick and powerful solutions to whatever ailment you are treating. If you’re just starting out with using CBD oils, you can find more common, smaller doses in 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and even 3000 mg bottles, which will allow you to gradually work up to the right dose for you.

Are There Advantages To Higher MG CBD Doses?

The advantage of using on of the most potent CBD oils is that it takes less of the oil to achieve the desired effect. Just like with any drug or medication, a person can build up a tolerance. If you have been using lower dosage CBD oils for a while now, then you might have built up a tolerance, and you’re finding that you go through a bottle of oil tincture a lot quicker than you used to. If that is the case, then you will probably want to get one of the strongest cbd oil tinctures.

People who have particularly severe symptoms that they are trying to treat with CBDs might also find that it is more effective to use one of the strongest cbd oil tinctures. If you haven’t been able to get rid of your chronic pain or anxiety with a lower dose, then using the 4000 mg tincture will almost certainly get the job done. These higher dose oils also work more quickly in the body, so that you can feel the relief from the effects faster than waiting for a lower dose to take effect. It’s also been said to help things like help with acne or pain, check out our cbd to cure acne guide.

What Are Disadvantages Of Taking A Stronger Dose?

The disadvantage to taking the strongest CBD oil on the market is that you may eventually find yourself building a tolerance to them. Once you have, then just like with the weaker oils, you will have to start taking more and more of the oil to achieve the same effect as time goes on. This is why when you first start out taking CBD oils, you should start with the lower doses. It gives your body the opportunity to gradually build up a tolerance, instead of all at once.

A major appeal of CBDs is that you cannot take a fatal overdose of the drug. However, you can take so much that it can neutralize certain enzymes in your liver which allow for other medications to take effect in your body. If you are on any other medications and thinking about taking CBD oils, you should consult with your doctor beforehand, and talk about the appropriate dose for you and your needs.

Larger doses also mean that other side effects, such as lethargy and dry mouth, may worsen or be experienced more frequently. Be mindful when taking them, and know what your body can and can’t handle. If you feel as if your body is suffering from side effects, try taking lower doses of CBD oils. Also read our cbd oil vs hemp oil guide

What Are Some of the Most Potent CBD Oils Available Right Now?

Sensei CBD now offers a 30ml bottle of CBD oil tincture with 5000 mgs of CBD. This is one of the absolute strongest cbd oil products that you can order. They have many great reviews from people who use this cannabidiol tincture to treat everything from fibromyalgia to PTSD. Sensei CBD also sells a both isolate and full spectrum formulas with 1500 mgs of CBD oil, which is a step down from the 5000mg but still very potent. You can see some of the best cbd options here – you can take cbd in so many ways even with crazy methods like using cbd chewing gum. See where to order cbd oil here too.

The strongest cbd oil tinctures are going to be in this range of 1500mg to 5000mg. Lower dose tinctures will still get the job done, but if you have built a tolerance to them already, or you have a particularly serious problem you are struggling to treat, then stronger is certainly the way to go.

That said if its one of your first times trying CBD, we recommend just the standard 500mg or 1000mg dosage. Our recommended brand is below:

CBD Oil – Full Spectrum 5000mg Price $300.00Sale price $240.00View Product

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