CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because a growing number of people have begun to realize and experience the therapeutic benefits of using this type of oil, and products based on hemp CBD oil.


What is Hemp Extract?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a set of compounds that are extracted from the hemp plant. While CBD can be extracted from marijuana also, it is only the CBD extracted from the hemp plant that has been legalized by the Farm Bill of 2018.


Why is CBD Extracted from Hemp?

Here are the main reasons why CBD needs to be extracted from hemp:



To be able to derive the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the compounds need to be decarboxylated. This means that heat needs to be applied to the cannabis plant for the CBD to be activated.

Smoking cannabis (which is how most of us imagine it being done) is the easiest way to activate the CBDs in the plant. However, it isn’t the healthiest way.

The extraction process also includes decarboxylation to activate the CBD in oils, capsules as well as other edibles.


Bad Taste

It is possible to eat cannabis plants raw, but they taste quite bad and aren’t effective since the decarboxylation process hasn’t taken place.


Health Risk

Eating raw cannabis also carries a health risk. These plants are host to numerous microbes, which can get you sick. Which is why the extraction and purification process is so important.


Types of Extraction Processes

There are three types of extraction processes that CBD oil manufacturers employ:



One of the least expensive and fastest ways to extract CBD from hemp is by using solvents such as ethanol, propane, butane, alcohol, or even isopropyl. However, this method is also very dangerous, since all these solvents are extremely flammable. 

This process is also dangerous because the solvent residue can be toxic, which is why the evaporation process is critical to ensure that all the solvent is eradicated from the hemp extract.

Low-quality CBD products are produced using this method, which is why they are not safe and cause side effects that can, at times, be life-threatening.


Olive Oil

This is the oldest known method of extracting CBD. It is the safest and simplest method, but it doesn’t give you a concentrated extract the way the other methods do since the hemp extract is mixed with olive oil.  


CO2 Extraction 

This is the most complex as well as the most expensive way to extract CBD from hemp. However, it is also the most effective. Companies use this process to get premium grade hemp extract, which produces high-quality CBD oils that are much safer to use and do not have any adverse side effects that way CBD oils derived from solvent extraction do.


Types of CBD Oils Produced from Hemp Extract

There are various types of CBD oils that can be produced with the hemp extract. They are full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and even CBD isolate.