Should You Use Topical CBD Oil Salve For Pain?

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Should You Use Topical CBD Oil Salve For Pain?

With so many different products – ointments, creams, topical solutions, sprays, drops to name a few – many wonder what CBD salves are. So many definitions, so little time. Keep reading, or click below to go ahead and purchase if you’re ready.

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For purposes of conversation, ointments, balms and salves are interchangeable terms. Chances are, you’ve probably got salves in your home (think Noxzema, Bryll Cream, and so forth). Difference here is the CBD salve is infused with cannabidiol and hemp oils, and is designed to deliver pain relief topically.

Salves date back millions of years. Native Americans, Mesopotamians, Aztecs, even people in biblical times used some form of salve to heal or bind wounds.

If you’re looking for the perfect CBD salve for pain, join us as we discuss the nuances of choosing salves infused with cannabidiol.


How CBD Salves Are Made

Unlike CBD creams that use water and moisturizers, salves use waxes and various fatty oils to make their CBD-based ointments. Texture doesn’t make the best CBD salve, however, because CBD is what you’re after – not something pretty to look at.

Most everything you’ll read on CBD salve jars screams Mother Earth. Typically, these salves are made by imbuing high-quality cannabis flowers with an even higher quality of oil— usually olive or coconut —which removes the active ingredients. This is either cannabidiol, THC or both depending on the grade of hemp being extracted. Then, the oil gets blended with any combination of therapeutic herbs, such as lemongrass or arnica, or something that contains similar pain relieving properties.

Once the concoction is completed, consumers are left with a topical solution that, by design, is supposed to mix with your body’s natural ability to produce endocannabinoid.

CBD ointment options are popping up coast to coast, meaning soon enough you’ll notice Walmart may stock some form of CBD lotion, if they haven’t already.

Does CBD Salve Treatment Help with Back Pains?

Manufacturers tout cannabidiol-based creams can help relieve acute pain and muscle discomfort. CBD is comparable to THC, except it’s considered non-psychoactive, forcing many researchers to view CBD salves as the ‘golden child’ of medicinal use. Let’s test this theory on back discomfort.

Severe back pain can disrupt one’s daily life and even affect our mobility. While conventional medicine may provide some relief, it does not always work. In such a case, alternative cures such as herbal therapies, acupuncture, massages, and prolotherapy could be applied. However, these are costly and don’t always achieve desired results.

CBD ointment is now being used in the treatment of chronic back pain. Those suffering sciatica, bulging discs and similar injuries or general muscle pains have found the power of CBD lotion is hard to deny.

It’s never pleasant, but injuries and serious illness can happen. When they do, you want to make sure your body’s natural healing process can work correctly so you can get back on track as soon as possible. That’s what CBD salve treatment wants to accomplish, and has in thousands of people who’ve bought it.

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Finding the Right Topical CBD Salve

Before getting your heart broken later, know that CBD salves will not get you high – not even close. Gauging its ability to get you buzzed won’t assist in your search either, my friends.

Obviously, one must perform due diligence. There are too many ‘dud’ products out there. Thousands of satisfied CBD salve users exist, and many have written reviews documenting their experiences. Use these to your advantage.

You’ll want to find creams with 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Look for the presence of cannabinoid BCP (beta-caryophyllene) as manufacturers are reporting excellent results with BCP present. Should you reside where CBD hasn’t passed legislation, find creams free of toxins yet possess added pain relievers like menthols, capsaicin, camphor or lemongrasses.

Most of all, ignore overhyped marketing making claims that CBD salve treatments are ‘the end all, be all’ of topical treatments. Until more people come forward and give their honest account of cannabidiol creams, it’s all rhetoric.

A few brands of note:

  • Green Roads, which touts maximum potency and pharmacist endorsement.
  • Pure Kana, containing no pesticides (why would that be a consideration?) or solvers and is full-spectrum hemp.
  • CBD Essence, an organic hemp CO2 extract tincture that’s 3rd party tested.
  • CBD Pure, derived from certified hemp straight from Denmark.

Do your research. And, of course, ignore people who inflate the product’s efficacy well past its capabilities.

Drawbacks of CBD Ointment

The worst drawback we found is that it simply doesn’t work.

No known side effects exist. Given the entire composition of CBD salves is naturally derived, you’d need to have known allergies to Mother Nature’s gifts in order to show any side effects.

One conservative estimation states 33% of people who use this will gain relief simply by believing it works. Mentally forcing a product to work is something psychological that nobody understands.

It’s worth nothing most topical ointments only treat anatomical edifices within 1 cm of our skin—and the muscle where soreness often resides is much deeper than one centimeter. Unless your CBD salve can penetrate deep like Icy Hot, it may not have the effectiveness you’re looking for.

All told, science will neither confirm nor deny CBD creams’ ability to heal pains or clear skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis, so caveat emptor applies.

Note: You could try CBD oil edibles instead of a salve if you’d prefer. See a full guide on how to get cbd oil for sale online here too.

Final Thoughts on CBD Salves

There has always been a debate around cannabidiol treatments and its many applications. However, it is difficult to dispute the therapy’s prowess in pain management. The body’s ability to restore and repair has presented health practitioners with a new and exciting solution to manage chronic pain, and its name is CBD salve.

Using CBD cream has been a hot topic lately, with many states considering legalization – or have already legalized – cannabidiol products for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Regardless of how you feel about CBD salves, it’s something you’ll have to get used to, because the world of alternative CBD administration will only expand from here. That is, of course, if widespread legislation approves ‘the good stuff’.

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