What Is CBD Isolate and Why Has Its Popularity Soared?

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What Is CBD Isolate and Why Has Its Popularity Soared? Gary Wilson | 15th May 2020

Whether you live in New York City or a tiny farming community named after indigenous people, like Tiskilwa, Illinois, you have probably heard about CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid compound that is, unlike other cannabinoids, only found in cannabis. Many have turned to CBD isolate oil by Vitaleaf Naturals for the benefits that it can have that are similar to marijuana when the head high isn’t necessary

CBD products are largely taken from industrial hemp, which is a form of cannabis that is naturally very low in THC content. Why does that matter? THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes the head high it is known for and is regulated for. CBD has only .03% THC and that has allowed it to be legalized in all fifty states. Being legal in all fifty states makes it accessible to everyone when their own state may not have legal access to medical marijuana.

Why Is CBD Popular?

CBD is accessible but that is not the only reason that it’s popular. It isn’t because it makes you high, because it doesn’t. It’s CBD is popular because it works. It’s been deemed to be safe and very well tolerated by adults, children, and even by our pets.


Just a few of the things that CBD can help you live with:


  • Migraines
  • Diabetes
  • MS
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Seizures
  • Parkinson’s disease


These are just a few of the chronic conditions that people report using CBD for and find relief from using. It’s important to note that CBD is not a cure for anything but it can help to support the body in a way that encourages both healing and relief from certain symptoms that are a part of many chronic conditions.


For example, for epileptic seizure activity, CBD was found to give tremendous relief from both the frequency of and the strength of the seizures that patients experienced.

Taking CBD lowered the seriousness of the seizures and also reduced the frequency of them.

In some cases, people who had multiple grand mal seizures each day were reduced to only a handful of petit mal seizures per month. The condition wasn’t cured but there was more control.


In fact, CBD worked so well and was deemed safe enough to be approved by the FDA as the primary active ingredient in a drug for epilepsy, Epidiolex. This was the first step in CBD being accepted by modern medicine.

There is great hope for CBD to be used in other drugs in the near future.

Research continues and will probably be ongoing for many years as scientists and researchers continue to unlock the secrets of cannabinoids and their terpenes.


As a Life Enhancer

CBD has the ability to improve moods and lower anxiety for many people. This is a major benefit. Due to the high-stress lives that we live in, especially in America today.

Drugs like Xanax have become so popular that doctors had prescribed it to over 27 million people by 2016. Today, it is estimated that more than 20% of our population experience clinical anxiety.

This means that CBD has the ability to help these people, by altering their mood to reduce anxiety and improve depression disorders as well.

It’s not curing anything, merely helping to improve the mood and increase the body’s production of serotonin and dopamine so that they are more in balance, reducing the depression and anxiety that plagues people today.

The availability of CBD has made it accessible to everyone and it also eases the stigma that some people feel who are experiencing anxiety that might not ever go to a doctor for a diagnosis.

There are also people who don’t want a prescription for medical marijuana because they’d have to give up their firearms license in their state.

This leads more people to simply use CBD for these types of reasons.


No matter who you are and what type of condition you have that you’d like relief from, there’s a high chance that CBD will give you that relief.

It’s virtually impossible to overdose on CBD.

It’s very safe and the worst side-effect from too much usage is generally diarrhea that will clear up if you lower your dose or just stop taking it for a day or two. Then resume taking it at a lower dose and your diarrhea will cease.


CBD is not a miracle drug, nor is it a cure. It is a very helpful tool that, when used wisely, can help you very much to feel relief from many common chronic conditions and ailments.

You should start with a low dosage suggested by the maker of your oil and increase it gradually until you feel the effects that give you relief.


What Is CBD Isolate?

As the name implies, this is only CBD. It can be a crystalized sort of substance that is sticky and thick like tar, or it can be powdered.

It’s considered a very unique form of CBD but is also highly flexible in the ways in which it can be used.


The options for use are many as the powdered version of isolate can be mixed with foods or drinks.

Since there are no suspension oils mixed to it, the dosage is more accurate.


When you use CBD isolate you can be sure that you are not ingesting any THC at all.

This is an advantage if you fear that you could ever fail a drug test with your current employer or fail a test for initial hire with a potential new employer.


That said, CBD isolate is not considered the best way to consume CBD because it doesn’t offer all of the entourage effects that you get with the presence of the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

So while there are benefits, there are also drawbacks that you should take into consideration to decide if this is a logical choice for you.

It may depend on your reasons for using CBD whether the isolate version is best for you.

Some conditions, for example, respond very well to only CBD, while other things seem to respond best with a combination of all cannabinoids and the entourage effect that they can get from this method of intake.

The ultimate decision is yours and you should look at all of your options. Recently, some states have made it illegal for those with prescriptions to Marijuana to be fired by having THC in their system.

Some employers do random testing and you may be asked to submit to a test for THC without any warning. It will be in your system for long after your final dose, so the possibility of it showing on a tox-screen panel is always there.

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